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Worried about solar panels and hail? Fret not, our solar panel systems are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance.

In the event that something does go wrong, your solar PV system components have very long warranties that would cover replacement and repair costs.

Green Line provides a range of warranties that guarantee you will have support and coverage in the unlikely event of an issue, such as hail or falling tree branches, which of course may damage your panels.

With our maintenance services you can rest assured that your panels will be giving you enough electricity depending on the sunlight level of your area.

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    Green Line

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    Panel Replacement & Repair, Basic & Extended Maintenance and Support

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    Our qualified team can take care of your solar panels whether it is cleaning, installing replacement parts etc. Just give us a call and our managers will discuss date and time of maintenance with you.


Power output warranties guarantee that panel performance won’t fall below a specified level over the warranty term.

For instance, Green Line will provide a warranty to guarantee that peak power output won’t fall below 85 percent for 25 years. We will also include an additional warranty that promises a higher output level over a shorter period of time.


Solar panels are made of tempered glass, so they’re built to withstand hail and other rough weather.

Any issues with solar panel performance are usually related to electricity production, which is why most installers recommend monitoring your system’s production. By doing so, you can identify and address issues proactively.

Cleaning Panels

It is important for your panels to stay clean to maintain the highest possible electricity production level.

We clean solar panels by rinsing them down with a water hose. If panels need more attention than just a rinse, we wash them down with some soapy water and a long pole that has a spongy squeegee, which is commonly used for cleaning high windows.


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