Before you decide to get a quote for solar panels, there are some important questions you should ask any company you are considering hiring. Think of it as an interview – after all, they will be working on your home, so get to know what the company is about and what their reputation is as installers.

In addition to general questions the contractor’s website or brochure may answer, be sure to ask how long your contractor has been in business and whether it is a licensed one or not. Make sure the contractor has some experience before he starts climbing around on your roof. Don’t be afraid to ask about license of your potential contractor, it is also one of the vital factors that define quality solar services.

While most over the phone quotes are able to give you an idea of a recommended system size, your roof needs to be physically inspected by the contractor to make sure it is fit for installing panels on it. Depending on the roof’s age and overall condition, you may need to replace your roof before installing your system. When the racks are installed (the support system for the panels), holes are made in your roof. Ask the contractor what equipment or additional materials will be applied to ensure you do not experience leaking in rainy weather.

Find out who will be doing the actual work on your home. Many companies bid a job and then hire another company to do the work. If another company will be doing the work, find out their license information and experience with installing solar panels and other renewable energy related equipment.

byRonald Chen

Before installing a solar energy system, please note that it may require maintenance and replacement of some parts. Solar equipment comes with a warranty and guarantee on production quality. This is separate from the contractor’s warranty on workmanship. Ask about both warranties and what exactly is covered by each. We have discussed only some of the issues, which you may face before organizing solar panels installations. Can you think of additional questions that would be a good idea to ask? Comment below.


Catherine Payne

Thank you for such an amazing and informative article! It’s useful to know what to ask before installing solar panels. I’m just planning a visit to your office and these tips will come in handy.

Ronald Chen

Catherine Payne

Thank you for your comment! Our experts can answer all these questions regardless of what solar panels you need.

Philip Bowman

Your tips helped me find out how to prepare for installation of solar panels and other renewable energy equipment, thank you! I will certainly subscribe to your newsletter.

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